Direct Remote for DIRECTV App Reviews

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I was really hopeful when I found this app. Since directv removed its external rf port from its receivers Ive had trouble controlling my tuners due to range issues. Unfortunately, the iremote looses the tuner when the network changes the IP address and the search function will only find a null remote whatever that is. Problem is I must look up and manually enter the receiver id over and over. Makes the app almost worthless

Didnt Work.

I got all excited and this app didnt work!!!! I spent 99 cents for something that doesnt work. Waste Of money and time.

Great product

Works great easy to use easy to install and support was great.

Didnt work

App would always shut down didnt work waste of money.

Disappointed . . .

Before the update this app worked fine. But ever since the update, I cant find any receivers. Even when I add my receiver manually it Still doesnt work. Im going to find smith remote app now!


Ive tried others, but this one is the best so far.

Does not work!!

Finds genie clients but cannot control them or main box. This is not worth the money!!! Please fix

Controls clients but...

Power button does not work


I havent had any problems so far. I enjoy using it.

Very Pleased

This app works wonders! I use it all the time. The convenience of favorites with the ability to see the current programming is great. If there were an update that allows volume control I would rate 10 stars! Overall great app.

Does not work

App doesnt find receiver manually or automatically... Flush 99 cents.....

Power on/off

Almost great but will not power receiver on or off.


I like it , it works well and so far no problems or ads !

Doesnt work

Was able to register my receiver, but no functions on the remote work. I spent one hour attempting to make this work. Fed up.

Very Nice

Thank God an App that actually does what it says. Although I had to enter the info manually it was a breeze with the step-by-step screen shots. All buttons work just like my DIRECTV Remote. I use an IPhone 5. One Happy Couch Potato here. Beam me up Scotty!

Great App

The App works great. It was easy to set up and I was using it in less then 3 minutes

Pause button doesnt work

All buttons work but pause button, which is important to me

Quit working

Used to work great. Now it wont work at all.

Not happy

Does not work

Does not work as described

- did not find receivers, manual ok - unable to add favorites displays blank page - no custom icons available - time displayed is inaccurate - gestures principally work, thats about it App extended features just do not work. Functionality 40 percent and no support on linked page.

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